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    Mod V For Veng's Admin Application

    v for veng

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    Mod V For Veng's Admin Application Empty Mod V For Veng's Admin Application

    Post  v for veng Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:38 am

    Hello all V for Veng here with my admin application Cool

    Reasons I should be admin: I am playing frequently, having a very vast knowledge of the server, many players like me and enjoy my personality( or so i think/hope:P), also I feel i am in more control of my emotions than Omg Im Rich, anyone who knows me can vouch for this as I am very calm, cool, and collected. Also my final reason is we are in need of one seeing as we have 3 mods, i am most experience with server and staff position, and i feel most knowledgeable:P no offense to anyone.

    (More Information for those who do not know me)
    Name: V for Veng- Michael
    Location: Merica
    Time Zone: EST
    Skype: kill4joy14
    Experience: Staff on multiple servers, current mod on Prizma.

    Thank you for taking time to read this

    Thanks again,
    V for Veng

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