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    Swag's Administrator Application


    Swag's Administrator Application Empty Swag's Administrator Application

    Post  Guest Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:48 am

    Swag's Admin Application!
    What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face
    I am currently aware that there are not Admin Spots open. I would like to get my application up though Cool.

    As I have been a Moderator, I have done my best to help/guide players in the game. Most new players that have recently joined I have teled to them and Welcomed them. I have been very active since Moderator. I have done my very best for this game. I even have a Gfx Website open that I made for the sole purpose of Prizma. Swag's Gfx Shop. *Click on Swag's Gfx Shop to take you to the site!* I believe that where their being 3 Moderators, there needs to be someone that plays often ahead of them. *And someone who doesn't go as low as Omg Im Rich* No offense to you Veng, but Holycross5.. Take full offense to this (lol). I believe I am the most qualified Moderator to take Admin Position when it becomes available. As I have mentioned before, I have had plenty of experience being a staff member. I believe with my current skills I have what it takes to be a Administrator on Prizma. Please visit: Swag's Gfx Shop

    And.. I am gonna steal this part from Veng.
    More About Me:
    Name: Dakota (Call me Cody)
    Age: 15
    Gfx Skills? Top Notch Babe (:

    BTW: I will be getting a Gfx Team started here on Prizma very soon. Please forgive me for not starting it sooner but no one has came to me to say they have skills or anything so I just haven't started one yet.
    If you make the Gfx Team: Your yell will be [Graphics Team] Your name, and you must realize that being a part of the Gfx Team is a Privilege, not a right. No matter how good your skills are at Gfx, Suji, Inthu, and Swag have the say to cut you from the team!
    I am also currently working on getting us a Youtube Channel. I now have a Alienware X51 and its amazing so I will be able to make Much MUCH better Gfx, and edit videos wayyy better.
    Thanks for reading all this crap.. I will be adding more later.

    Love you always,

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